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kamp-icon-2Hello bunny-people! After sitting for several rabbits, I created this page to collect my sitting information and display some of the happy visitors thus far. I have two bunnies of my own with free run of the bedrooms upstairs and two more living in our dining room. I spoil them with oodles of attention and their favorite healthy foods. We’re located in the middle of Nassau in Westbury, about 1.5 hrs from Manhattan. We use the amazing Catnip and Carrots Veterinary Hospital.

rabbit-pensI fence in my bunny-safe Living Room to create 8 ft x 10 ft pens and have additional fences if multiple pens are needed. All you need to bring is your rabbit’s pellets, food and water dishes, and litter box. I can provide greens, hay, and litter. We use Agway & Sweet Meadow 2nd cut Timothy hay, & Feline Pine litter. I also ask that your rabbit(s) have visited one of these rabbit-savvy vets within the last year: Rabbit Vet List.

My house is never empty and there’s always someone around to pet a bunny. I make sure every bun in the house gets plenty of attention and affection. My rates are: $20 a night, $10 per additional bunny. Additional transport (to and from your home or the vet etc.) is $20 per trip.

Please contact me as soon as you know your potential dates. I have limited availability and I’m frequently booked up completely, especially in the summer and around Christmas and other school vacations.

I also give daily bunny-sitting reports on my blog:

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